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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Morning Prayer


Today I release my gifts to you - and the temptations to use them to either exalt myself or to protect myself.

Today I release my sinfulness to you - and the temptations to either try and fix myself or to deny that I have a sinful nature.

Today I release my longings to you - and the temptations to either try and fill them myself by needing to control or to pretend altogether that I don't have them.

Please set me about Your work. Allow me the grace to completely trust You with all of these things, that I might be free from the anxiety of trying to manage them and instead pour my energies into the work You have for me in pouring into others. Give me a spirit of rest nestled within a passion to serve. May it all be done in worship of You. I am weary; breathe Your life into me.