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Friday, February 17, 2012

Green Pastures

I’m learning something about green pastures these days. God will make them ready for you in the most unexpected of places and people and moments if you open your eyes to His presence and go where He leads. And sometimes He makes them ready in the places, people, and moments that have always been there, and we've just been too caught up in our perceived realities.

Sometimes lying down in a green pasture is about intentionally seeing the blessing and care bestowed upon our everyday lives. Sometimes it takes the form of a song that reminds us of our value in God’s heart on days when our unworthiness seems painted on our foreheads for everyone to judge before a word is uttered. Others, maybe a message given that paints such a vivid picture of the Lord’s character that we can’t help feeling smaller and smaller in the most wondrous way, in the light of His glorious majesty. Still another, perhaps with a group of women who cling joyfully to the hope given through Christ and aren’t afraid to testify of His hand in their lives because they know we’re all connected through this truth.

Sometimes a green pasture appears in the gentleness of your seven-year-old son - who typically suspects you of having it out for him because of your consistent refusal to let him exist as if the world revolves around him – believing in your love for him every now and again and wanting to share something precious with you. And sometimes it comes through a friend who verbalizes to you in her own special way that she believes in you and can see your heart for God, even when you fear there isn’t anything good left in there because you're all too aware of how you’ve been thinking lately.

I’m in a place right now where the pastures aren’t so obvious anymore. I don’t understand why. I don’t understand where He is and why He seems so passive. But I trust Him. I know He’s working, and because of His mercy and grace, I know that He is good.

I let go of insisting what my pasture must look like, feel like, hold for me. I trust in the Good Shepherd’s hand, and the pastures He promises open in ways I would’ve never bothered to notice before.

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  1. I am in a similar green pasture....one surrounded by wolves, steep cliffs in the Valley of the Shadow of Death.....and He is with me. Thank you for this post, friend. I missed reading your posts for a while! Jerri