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Monday, August 15, 2011

Invading the Bubble

Here in my insulated world, I am generally in charge of planning my day and who I come in contact with and when, and so I can determine how I spend my time as I so choose. But it’s an element of control that I realize has become an idol, and therefore, it must be laid down.

Confessing the desire to lay such things down and requesting the help to do so are requests that God will always, always grant, because they are based on wanting obedience to His will more than wanting anything else. Releasing our imagined authority over dictating how God will provide the help and bring about the change we are desiring to see in ourselves – and in turn, conforming to His chosen way of doing so by being obedient – is probably the hardest part of crossing into the deeper, more challenging, yet abundantly richer Life that has been promised to us when we actually work to make Jesus our Lord. As opposed to just singing these words aloud in church on Sundays and then go about tending to the security of our bubbles in whatever manner we want to.

I can’t begin to tell you how much more I want of the tastes of spiritual abundance I’ve had when I’ve dared to wildly abandon my own plans in favor for those that I would never, ever of my own choosing dream up, let alone giddily participate in. But I’ll tell you, those tastes have been worth a gazillion times over the fear and discomfort I had to endure and continue to endure because of my obedience. In fact, compared to the absolutely horrifying circumstances people in basically every other place in the world have to exist in, what I’ve endured can barely even register a blip on the radar screen of difficult situations. Yet for me, in the infancy of my journey, they were very real and very hard, which speaks more of my spiritual immaturity than of whatever integrity-driven brazenness it may appear that I’m trying to convince you I had. Anyway, regardless of where we are physically located in this world or spiritually located on our walks, I can’t ever stop reminding myself that the abundant life is worth it when the temptation to back down, insulate, isolate, and remain bubbled screams at me.

So my bubble, now, is being invaded, and it’s being invaded in a way that is brimming with opportunities to be part of sharing the love and mercy of Christ.....but in a manner which is uncomfortable and unsettling to me. Nonetheless, I am asked to do so. Because I asked Him to help me do so. And I asked Him to put me in a position where I am stretched towards doing so, because I don’t want to be the one who doesn’t live what she speaks. I would bet that for many American Christians, our bubbles likely have transformed into idols, and sometimes that sharp, pointy, nuisance of a thing that is interfering with our desire to live out our plans in the ways we want to just might be God’s loving way of not letting us worship at that idol’s altar any longer.

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