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Sunday, July 31, 2011


There’s a change going on in me.....I’m realizing that I’ve become more okay with being in transition: my house in transition (in that there is always something not done and my goal does not have to be having a completed checklist each day), my writing and speaking pursuits in transition (in that it’s okay that I’m not a bestselling author, being that I’ve been doing this for, oh, maybe a year and a half), my body in transition (in that I know I’ve put on weight but I’m on my way to losing it, so I may as well enjoy being squishy in the time being), and my me in transition (in that, despite my half-hearted but well-intentioned efforts, I’m still a pesky human being, prone to do pesky human-being-type things). It’s a strange phenomenon I don’t think I’ve disciplined myself enough in times past to experience: contentment.

I’ve prayed recently to find the joy and beauty of todayness, meaning that I would recognize the impact of the seemingly small choices made in any given moment and what they could mean to my present and future – with food, with conversation, with anything that feels like it doesn’t matter a lick. Like flossing.

Todayness is acting in faith that God has intention built into every moment. Sometimes that intention is simply to laugh or rest, but it is intended nonetheless. There was a purpose in place for the breath you just took, saturated with God’s desperate anticipation that you would consciously and deliberately connect with Him in it. This may sound burdensome, but if you know God, well, then you know it isn’t.

This week, I am starting something new to improve my health, and over the past several months as I’ve reflected more on what it means to the Lord for me to honor my body with the way I treat it, I’ve realized that even eating is an act loaded with intention. I want to start making food consumption an act of connection and worship, which does not necessarily mean a life filled with broccoli......as there is a time to celebrate, as I paraphrasinglyish refer to Ecclesiastes......but it does mean a life filled with realizing how valuable my existence is to the Lord, and doing my part to offer every aspect of myself to be ready for His disposal, out of love.

Todayness believes that all things matter, and so therein lies an abundance of opportunity to honor Him, to His pleasure and mine. It isn’t worried about the future because it knows that if I’m connected to Him in each moment now, the future is already squared away. So I will aim at being content while in transition, and transition into greater contentment as He is searched for in each moment, while more and more of me is refined simply by being in His presence.


  1. Thank you for this post! I have been in transition all of my life, and I expect I will be. God has changed many things in me and my life, but there are always more changes to be made! Lately I have been asking Him to help me "rest" in His power and ability to change me, while I make the efforts that are mine to make. Being content in transition is a great place of rest! I love your writing style, too.

  2. Thank you for your encouragement!