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Friday, March 11, 2011


I think for Lent I’m just going to give up.

Well, I mean take another step towards surrendering my dreams and embracing God’s plans for my life, and trusting that His will is simply the best, no matter the pain it may bring. He promises peace in our circumstances; what that means is that His presence surrounds our lives, every last detail. I’ve been led over the years to slowly – slowly – release a couple of desired dreams to Him, and I am now seeking the peace each day in living without their fulfillment. If it is in His good plan to someday bring them to the fruition I long for, I know that in between now and then He will refine in me greater contentment and maturity so the dreams will be mere cherries on top of a life delighted in serving Him, instead of the emotional idols I know I would distort them into now. If they are not part of His will for me, though I desire them so, I will release them fully every day that I have to - meaning every day that I feel the emptiness of their absence throbbing against my heart. I grasp hold with all that is in me to the peace of His presence over my dreams, and trust that what He has planned is better than the actualization of the joy I envision these dreams will bring to my life. David longed to build the temple for the Lord. It was not for him to do.

Claiming God’s peace over our dreams is an act of trust, belief, and surrender that He put those dreams in us for a reason…..but peacefully co-existing with His (usually unknown) reasons for not responding to our enormous desire for their fulfillment in our lives also requires trust, belief, and surrender, especially when it comes to reconciling His placement of these desires in us against the haunting emptiness devouring us due to their absence.

But, just perhaps, through His work of purification, He places dreams that He will simply not fulfill for us while we’re on this earth in order to bring to us the painful reality that this fallen earth is not our home. Some dreams are created for our heavenly lives, and He deposits glimpses of them in us now in order to paint a picture of the eternity awaiting us. Yes, the deeper into our faith we travel, the further we should feel that this earth as it is could ever be our true home. It is the peace that derives from His presence that gives us the strength to live on nonetheless.


  1. Jen, I have been thinking about the same things. God is in control. Whatever He gives us to do, if we do it with all of our hearts, we will have joy and the peace that passes all understanding. I am with you, sister! This is a great post!

  2. Boy does this post take me back quite a few years. To the desires I had back in my teens/twenties. Oh how I had pleaded with Him and those desires seemed to fall on deaf ears. Little did I know that He had my life planned for me. It took me so many years to understand that He is in control and if I would just release that control and simply live, simply enjoy the life that He gave me, what peace I would have. I really think that I didn't realize His peace until I realized that I can't control outcomes and that wasn't until Cheyne's diagnosis. I don't dream now, I live! I live each day with peace in knowing that He has me, and the rest of us, in His hands.
    Great post! Thanks for the memory boost and also the reminder of His love and desires for us!

  3. Thank you for the wonderful wisdom in these comments, Ladies!