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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

In the Details

I’ve been asked before how it is that I know God is at work in my life, which is sort of like answering the question “how do you know there’s air?” There just is, because I’m breathing. I answer the former the same way: I just know, because I’m living. But I understand the intent of the question. How can we know it is God?

For me, I become aware of countless connections between my thought life, the practical daily details I spend most of my energy on, whatever reading and study I’m doing and the corresponding insights I pick up on and carry with me, and what gets brought up in random conversations with people. I start to notice themes developing, and sometimes it’s even more obvious…..the exact thought I might have entertained a few days ago and sought some direction for in prayer will then be brought up out of nowhere by someone else, or mentioned in a book, etc. These are things too detailed to be mere coincidences (of which, by the way, I believe there are no such things). It is evidence of an attentive, persistent Father who delights in catching our hearts in a moment of realization that He’s been listening.

There’s a person who had a brief but very important impact on me about 10 years ago; she invited me to become more than just a pew-warmer at church and actually start getting involved. I look back and grimace over the awkwardness I so clearly displayed back then (but of course, have no issues with anymore), but she looked past all of that to see someone who might be able to make a difference in some way. Lately, she had been coming to mind in little ways, for no particular reason, even though I haven’t seen her in about seven years. Well, last Thursday, I started a membership at a fitness facility, walked over to the equipment, and there she was! She didn’t recognize me at first but once I said who I was, she lit up and sincerely asked all kinds of questions as to what I’m doing now. We had a special few minutes of catching up together, and I walked away from that encounter with another reminder of the joy I have in the Lord.

As I said yesterday, joy has as its roots our inclusion in eternity. The knowledge that the Lord had been placing thoughts of this woman in my mind just in order to delight me with that wonderful awareness once we actually met up with each other once again……“Such knowledge is too wonderful for me, too lofty for me to attain” (Ps 139:6).

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  1. I've never been a believer in coincidence either. For me, it's always been just a part of the path that God has me following. I love the way that you sum it up though, "It is evidence of an attentive, persistent Father who delights in catching our hearts in a moment of realization that He’s been listening." To me it's like luck. There is no such a thing, it is the Father reaching out to you to touch your heart with those things that will bring you delight!

    Thanks for enlightening me today and always!